Complete Control Over Your Shared Footage

Secure media sharing tailored for film and television professionals. Maintain unbroken control over your assets before, during, and after transfer.

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01How We Help

The Missing Link Between Production and Post

Enhance Your Process

With ioGates, you do more than send and receive media. Maintain full control of your videos at every stage with our custom two-way {ShareLink} technology. We are the glue that binds the delicate processes of any film, television, or video workflow.

Enhance your process


Masterful Control Of Your Footage Before, During, And After It’s Been Shared

Unlock masterful control with ioGates through Share Links technology. Our platform handles all media sizes, offering unparalleled control at every stage, transforming your sharing process into a powerful asset in your post-production workflow.

Elevated Control & Ease of Sharing

Experience unparalleled control over footage, streamlining collaboration and accelerating project timelines.

Organised Contacts & Precise Communication

Simplify contact management and facilitate accurate feedback, enhancing communication and reducing revisions.

Automated Notifications & Workflows

Stay updated on file additions and standardise file-sharing processes, improving project monitoring and operational efficiency.


Trustworthy Protection for Your Videos and Files

ioGates has advanced security to ensure your content remains confidential and only the people you want can access it. Enhanced {Share Links} technology provides peace of mind through the entire post-production process.

Layered Security & Multi-Factor Login

Stop data breaches and unwanted access while securing your valuable footage and project data.

Personalised Watermarks & DRM

Prevent unauthorised sharing and keep full control over your media's distribution, ensuring it always stays protected.

Password-Protected Sharing

Freely add or remove permissions at any time to ensure only those you’ve approved can access your media.


Shape Your Footage From Raw to Excellent

Turn your raw media into polished, ready-to-share content during transfer, rather than after. Make it easy to cut, change formats, check quality, add subtitles, and quickly publish your projects.

Easy Sub-clipping & Precise Editing

Pick the best parts of your videos with ease, effortlessly clipping, meta-tagging, and defining in & out points.

Automated Transcoding & Optimised Quality

Change your video format on the move. Maximum quality and compression make sure it looks great wherever it arrives.

Simplified Subtitles & Enhanced Accessibility

Easily create, import/export, and edit subtitles to boost accessibility and engagement for your audience.


Intuitive Workflow Management from Ingest to Distribution

Easily handle your videos and files from start to finish. ioGates is intuitively designed for simple and robust management of your media, streamlining your workflows for a more efficient edit.

Accessible Structure & Easy File Import

Operate swiftly with our user-friendly file structure while streamlining file addition to boost productivity.

Drag-and-Drop & Auto Cleanup

Make your workflows smoother while optimising storage, reducing manual file management efforts.

Powerful Proxy Previews

Spend less time downloading and more time reviewing with quicker previews and reduced storage use.

05Dailies & Rushes

Streamline Dailies and Rushes From Cut to Collaboration

ioGates is designed for optimum sharing control and security, real-time feedback, and high-quality proxy viewing. Footage is shared and reviewed safely and accurately, helping your projects move swiftly along the production pipeline.

Real-Time Feedback & Notes

Receive faster feedback with timecode-specific comments, empowering you and your team to make decisions faster.

High-Quality Proxy Viewing

Access high-quality video previews instantly on any device for seamless collaboration.

Safe & Custom Sharing

Use personalised watermarks and digital rights management to secure your videos while sharing.

Safe & Custom Sharing

Use personalised watermarks and digital rights management to secure your videos while sharing.

Scandanavian based, global reach

We're not new here, we're evolving

02Who We Help

Graceful Work for Post-Production

who we help

Our selective scale is our strength. We may not have millions of users, but this allows us to adapt to individual client needs and offer a more personalised, adaptable service. Every professional we serve is a priority in our community.

  • Feature Films
  • Television & Live Broadcast
  • Corporations
  • YouTube & Social
  • Agencies
  • Freelancers
A scandi film being shot on location

Securely manage dailies and rushes from on-set to the editing suite. Your post-production process will be as smooth as a steadicam operation. Say goodbye to budget overruns and hello to timely delivery without sacrificing on cinematic quality.

Television and live broadcast

Real-time sync-ups with editors, producers, and network executives become second nature with ioGates. Minimise revision cycles, and get episodes ready to air, all while meeting the fast-paced timelines of the TV industry.

Corporations, share video assets

Whether launching a new product or rolling out a company-wide training initiative, ioGates consolidates all your corporate video needs into one impenetrable vault. Share video assets internally or with key stakeholders without the fear of security breaches or data leaks.

YouTube and social, quick edits, collaboration

Keep your channel's content calendar flowing. ioGates simplifies quick edits, streamlines collaboration with guests or co-creators, and offers secure raw footage and b-reel storage. Curate your channel's archive and prepare future content with ease.

Avoid endless email chains and confusing feedback loops with clients

Avoid endless email chains and confusing feedback loops with clients. Efficiently share drafts, gather real-time annotations, and secure rapid approvals. Turn projects from initial concept to completed delivery in record time.

Handle multiple projects and clients across different locations

Handle multiple projects and clients across different locations. Consolidate your workflow in one place: easily share drafts, gather client feedback, and finalise videos securely. Benefit from an intuitive experience with no steep learning curve—all without stretching your budget.

03How We Learn


ShareLinks at a Glance

ShareLinks are the beating heart of ioGates, offering a powerful suite of tools designed to elevate your video-sharing experience. They embody the essence of simple yet controlled sharing.


Seamless Sharing & Management:
  • Adaptable Access: Modify visibility and interaction rights effortlessly.
  • Post-Share Flexibility: Instantly update contacts and permissions.
  • Security: Personalised watermarks, accurate metadata, email confirmations.
Effortless Collaboration:
  • Focused Communication: Contextual comments with frame-accurate timecodes.
  • Group Management: Easy setup for bulk sharing/uploading.
  • Download Options: Choice of master or transcoded files for viewers.
Innovative Automation:
  • Workflow Customisation: Tailor workflows with ioGates' features for efficiency.
  • Alerts: Automated notifications for new files and comments.
  • Quality Control: Automated checking with QScan ensures file compliance.

04How We Connect

Complex Workflows require Impactful Solutions

How We Connect

Whether you are on a film set, in a post facility, at a major broadcaster or working with third-party media companies, ioGates provides the connectivity to harmonise your workflows. We’d love to show you how ioGates brings graceful work to production and post.