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01Our Team

A Team Driven by Passion and Expertise

Meet the Team






Co-Founder & Client Support



Co-Founder & Lead Developer



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Head of UI/UX

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02Our Evolution

The Evolution of ioGates

The History

From FilmFlip to ioGates

Born from Jesper Andersen’s ambition to simplify the digital delivery of video files in post-production, ioGates, initially named FilmFlip, began in 2003 when the proxy preview was still 320x240 (4:3). 

Overcoming Challenges

Despite early hurdles, ioGates persisted. The platform's potential was recognised by significant clients, such as Discovery Denmark, who integrated it into their workflow. The turning point came with a pivotal contract from NATO, demonstrating ioGates' resilience and growing industry trust.

Partnership and Growth

A collaboration with Tobias Steinmann, who joined as CTO and later became a partner, marked a new era for ioGates. In 2011, the platform was relaunched, bringing renewed focus and innovation. This period set the stage for ioGates' current status as a robust, user-friendly solution for media production collaboration.

The Founders

Jesper Andersen

Jesper Andersen

Co-Founder & Client Support

Jesper's passion for ioGates stems from its positive impact on reducing client stress and enhancing their workflow experiences.

A veteran of the post-production world, his vision for ioGates was formed after identifying a need to make it easy to collaborate across teams, countries and clients within a safe environment. Jesper's vision for ioGates is to continue to grow and enhance the platform with a client-first mentality, ensuring every user's needs are met.

Outside of ioGates, Jesper is an avid photographer. His work captures the essence of his passion and reflects the creativity he brings to ioGates. To explore his photography, visit

Tobias Steinmann

Tobias Steinmann

Co-Founder & Job Title

Tobias's commitment to ioGates is fueled by his love for technology and creating tools that significantly improve customer productivity.

His involvement with ioGates began as a summer job as a student, initially working on what was then known as FilmFlip. After completing his engineering studies in 2013, he joined Jesper full-time, bringing his technical expertise and innovative ideas to the platform and moving it into its subsequent growth and development stage.

When he's not developing the next ioGates update, Tobias plays the saxophone in two bands: Von Dü, a ska band, and Zirkus, a swing orchestra. For Tobias, music is a way to energise his creative spirit. Learn more at Von Dü and Zirkus Orchestra.

The Partnership

In 2021, ioGates was acquired by LWKS Software Ltd. This collaboration merges the strengths of ioGates’ secure sharing capabilities with LWKS’s expertise in the larger video post-production market. It's a partnership that promises to strengthen the industry's future, offering unmatched tools and opportunities for creative professionals.

ioGates acquired by LWKS software Ltd

The Future

As we move forward, ioGates continues to evolve, driven by our commitment to excellence and innovation. Our focus remains on developing solutions that anticipate and meet the ever-changing needs of the creative industry. The launch of our new website and branding for 2024 doesn't just mark a new era for the identity of ioGates but also signifies the transition to operating on a larger global stage. 

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03Our Commitment

Serving a Secure and Sustainable Future

The Commitments

DPP Certified

DPP Certified

ioGates takes pride in its DPP certification, a testament to our commitment to best practices in cybersecurity. Our rigorous adherence to DPP guidelines guarantees the highest level of content security, ensuring peace of mind for our clients.

TPN Network

TPN Network

As a trusted partner vendor of the TPN (Trusted Partner Network), ioGates is deeply committed to preventing leaks, breaches, and hacks of pre-release media. Our alignment with TPN's goals underscores our dedication to raising security standards within the industry.



At ioGates, we are actively engaged in minimising our environmental footprint. From using green servers for our data needs to implementing eco-friendly office practices, we are dedicated to sustainable development and aligning our operations with the SDG 2030 goals.