Privacy Policy

Data Policy

ioGates will not share any of the Customers data with any third party, unless the Customer has given explicit permission to do so.


General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR

Customer and user data is only stored and used for running the ioGates ApS services, business, and support purposes. ioGates ApS collect and proccesses the following data:

  • Username and password to manage your access to the ioGates ApS services
  • Cell phone number is stored to enable "two factor authentication" for securing the account login
  • Company name and address to process orders, invoicing, payments and other financial follow up of Customers
  • Customer email address and phone number to be able to communication with the customer
  • Any content uploaded to the ioGates service, such as photo, audio, and video files
  • IP addresses of users interacting with and downloading files from ioGates to be able to inform the Customer of access of files and for account security.


When ioGates ApS services interact with third party vendors or services on behalf of the user, ioGates ApS store information needed to identify the third party service, such as the account name and id. No other information is stored or collected from third party vendors or services.

It is the Customer's responsibility to keep the contact and company information up to date.

Customer and user data can be deleted by contacting ioGates ApS at ioGates ApS will make sure that all data is deleted, and that no personal information is left on ioGates ApS IT systems after deletion.

ioGates ApS uses browser cookies for our service ioGates and for improving the ioGates website by tracking its visitors via Google Analytics. For more information on how ioGates use cookies see our Cookie Policy:

You have the right to object to our processing of your personal data. This can be done by contacting ioGates at



Google and YouTube

If the ioGates user chooses to authenticate their Google User Account to upload video files to YouTube, ioGates will request access to the Google user profile and YouTube. If the user does not name the Google account inside ioGates, ioGates will use the profile name. No profile information is stored other than the name.

ioGates will never process or get access to the Google username or password. To access the Google and YouTube API's ioGates is assigned a unique access token. The user may revoke all access from ioGates by deleting the Google/YouTube access inside ioGates or via the Google Security Settings:

The YouTube permissions grant ioGates access to manage the YouTube account. ioGates will only use this permission to upload video files to YouTube and will only store information related to video files uploaded via ioGates.

ioGates does not collect or store any data from Google or YouTube othan than defined above: name and access token.

ioGates uses the YouTube API Services to upload video files to YouTube.

Video content are always uploaded unaltered. ioGates does not diaplay or view any video data from YouTube and does not allow third parties to serve any content within ioGates.

Video files and related metadata stored on YouTube are covered by the Google Privacy Policy: