Managing Metadata and Descriptions

Manage different types of metadata, specifically focusing on adding descriptions to files, which can enhance searchability and visibility on the sharing page.

ioGates supports a variety of metadata types, enabling users to enrich their files and folders with detailed information for better organization, searchability, and sharing. One of the key features allows for the inclusion of description text, which plays a significant role in how content is presented and found within the platform.

How to Add Description Text to Your Files

Accessing File Info:

To start incorporating descriptions into your files, navigate to the "File info" menu. This section is dedicated to managing the metadata associated with your content.

Adding Descriptions

Within the "File info" menu, you will find a field for the description text. Here, you can input detailed descriptions for your files. This text not only aids in contextualizing the content but also enhances the file's discoverability through search.


Visibility in ShareLink View:

Once added, the description text is prominently displayed on the sharing page. This ensures that recipients of a ShareLink can easily understand the context and content of shared files, improving the overall sharing experience.


Benefits of Description Text

  • Enhanced Searchability: The inclusion of description text significantly improves the searchability of files within ioGates. Users can quickly locate specific files by searching for keywords or phrases contained in the descriptions.
  • Improved Sharing Experience: Descriptions provide valuable context to ShareLink recipients, allowing them to grasp the content's purpose or significance without first opening the file.