Streamlining Sports Highlights Distribution with ioGates Automated Workflows

ioGates simplifies the process of managing and distributing sports highlights through its powerful automated workflows.

Automated Workflow for Football Match Highlights

Highlight Selection During the Match:

Editors, whether located in the OB van or remotely at TV stations, select highlights throughout the football match. This immediate selection process ensures that key moments are captured and prepared for swift distribution once the match concludes.

Uploading Clips with Pre-Programmed Filenames

As soon as the match ends, the selected highlights are uploaded to ioGates. Each clip's filename contains pre-programmed elements specific to the match and teams involved, such as "IO_DDMMYY_XXX_XXX" for the date and team codes. For instance, "IO_21115_BIS_TSA" indicates a match between BIS and TSA on November 15, 2021.
  • “io” is the code for the client
  • 211115 is the date the clip is created
  • BIS is the home field club shortcut name
  • TSA is out filed club shortcut name

Automated Transcoding and Distribution:

  • ioGates automatically recognizes the uploaded files based on their filenames and initiates a predefined workflow. This process includes transcoding the highlight clips into multiple formats tailored to the specific requirements of each club.
  • Once transcoded, the clips are automatically delivered to the respective clubs' Facebook and YouTube accounts, ensuring fans receive timely and high-quality highlights.

Benefits of Using ioGates for Sports Highlights

  • Efficiency: Automating the transcoding and distribution processes eliminates manual intervention, allowing broadcasters to focus on capturing and selecting the best moments of the match.

  • Speed: Automated workflows ensure that highlights reach clubs’ digital platforms quickly, keeping fans engaged with timely content.

  • Customization: ioGates' ability to transcode into various formats and distribute accordingly meets the diverse needs of clubs and their digital presence, offering a personalized approach to content sharing.