Projects & Users

Ensure that all team members have the appropriate level of interaction with the company's digital assets.

Projects: The Core Units of Collaboration

  • Library and Administration: Each project within ioGates is equipped with its own library, managed by at least one administrator. This structure ensures that each project's files and folders are organised and accessible to those who need them.
  • User Rights and Roles: Users associated with a project can be granted different levels of access—read, write, or trusted. Trusted access is necessary for any action that involves transferring files out of ioGates, such as distribution.

Users: The Individuals Behind the Operations

  • Flexible Access Control: Users can be assigned to one or more projects, with permissions tailored to their role within each project. This flexibility allows for precise control over who can view, edit, or distribute project files.
  • Expiry Dates for Temporary Access: For projects involving freelancers or temporary collaborators, user accounts can be assigned an expiry date, after which access is automatically revoked.
  • Integration with Active Directory (AD): For organisations utilising Active Directory, ioGates supports AD integration, streamlining user management and access control based on existing corporate credentials.

Linking Projects for Enhanced Collaboration

  • Cross-Project Access: Projects within ioGates can be linked, allowing users from one project to access files in another. This feature is invaluable for collaborative efforts that span multiple teams or departments.
  • Controlled Sharing: Linking projects facilitates the sharing of resources without duplicating files or compromising the integrity of each project's library.

Best Practices for Managing Users

  • Individual User Accounts: To maintain security and accountability, ioGates recommends assigning individual user accounts rather than shared logins. This approach ensures that actions within the platform can be accurately traced to specific users.
  • Single Session Restriction: ioGates does not permit the same user account to be logged in from multiple locations simultaneously, reinforcing security measures and protecting against unauthorised access.