Enhancing Collaboration with ShareLinks

Simplify this process by allowing users to incorporate share links directly into comment windows, fostering an even more integrated and efficient collaborative environment.

How to Add a Share Link to Comments

  1. Selecting the Moment: While reviewing a file in ioGates, pause at the specific time you want to direct your collaborators' attention to.

  2. Copying the Share Link: If you come across another file within ioGates that's relevant to the discussion or collaboration, simply copy the share link (URL) of that file.

  3. Pasting into the Comment Window: Navigate to the comments section of the file you're currently viewing and paste the copied share link into the comment box.

  4. Automatic File Name Display: ioGates intelligently retrieves the name of the file from the pasted share link and displays this information within the comment. This feature ensures that recipients understand which file is being referenced without needing to click on the link immediately.

  5. Time-Code Precision: Alongside the file name, ioGates aligns the comment with the precise time code you were parked on when you decided to insert the comment. This precision directs viewers to the exact moment of interest, facilitating focused and productive discussions.