Uploading Files via FTP /FTPS

ioGates supports file uploads through both FTP and FTPS (FTP over TLS), offering a secure and familiar method for transferring files directly to your ioGates account.

FTP Upload Process

  1. Obtain FTP Credentials:

    Use the same username and password associated with your ioGates public user account. If you're unsure about your credentials, reach out to ioGates support at support@iogates.com for assistance.
  2. Configure Your FTP Client:

    • Choose your preferred FTP client software (e.g., FileZilla, Total Commander).

    • Create a new connection with the following settings:
      • Server Address: ftp.iogates.com
      • Connection Type: Choose between FTP (for unencrypted connections) and FTP (TLS) for encrypted connections.
      • Username: Your ioGates public user username (e.g., iogates).
      • Password: Your ioGates account password (e.g., upload2iogates).
      • Ensure the connection is set to use passive FTP mode for compatibility and firewall traversal.
  3. Uploading Files:

    • Once connected, you'll be presented with an empty directory on the ioGates FTP server. This directory serves as the upload target for your files.
    • Upload your files to this directory. ioGates will automatically process and move the files from the FTP server to your account, keeping the directory ready for future uploads.
  4. Post-Upload Processing:

    After the upload process concludes, ioGates automatically transfers the files from the FTP upload directory to your account storage. The FTP directory will appear empty since resuming uploads is unsupported due to automatic file handling.

Additional Upload Methods

Web Browser Upload: ioGates also facilitates file uploads via HTTP through your web browser, offering an alternative method for adding content to your account without the need for FTP client software.

Key Considerations

  • FTP vs. FTPS: Opting for FTPS (FTP over TLS) is recommended for enhanced security, encrypting your data during transmission.
  • Support and Assistance: For any questions or issues with FTP uploads, ioGates support is available to provide guidance and help resolve challenges.

Uploading files via FTP/FTPS to ioGates combines the convenience of traditional file transfer methods with the advanced cloud storage solutions offered by ioGates, ensuring your data is securely and efficiently managed in the cloud.