Installing Your ioGates Transfer App for Efficient File Sharing

This article guides users through installing the ioGates Transfer App, creating and managing share links for file uploads and downloads, and customizing workflow paths, enabling streamlined file sharing and workflow automation.

1. Downloading the Transfer App: First, download the ioGates Transfer App, a free tool designed to create automated upload and download workflows. The app can be downloaded here. Win and Mac

2. Creating a upload link:

Start by creating a share link for the folder you wish to have the files uploaded to via the "Create share" option. This step will determine the access permissions for the Transfer App, so it is important to select "Allow direct upload".

3. Naming and Copying Your Link

Give your link a name and click on "copy link." 

4. Pasting the Share Link in the Desktop App:

Open the ioGates Transfer App and paste the previously copied link into the appropriate field, pressing "go".

5. :

You'll then see the share link with the folder name. You can manage multiple ShareLinks within the app, both upload and download links.


5. Configuring Upload Path.

To adjust the paths for each share link, click on the icon corresponding to your share link, then select where you would like to the upload folder. If you select a folder with sub folders then they will also be uploaded and ioGates will create the same folder structure as on your local computer.  

6. Creating a Download link

Same as with the upload you creat or select a folder that you would like to sync with a local computer, can be anyone computer.

7. Add a new Share Link

Click on the "+" sign and past the copied link.

8. Add a new Share Link

You have the same option to select the folder path where you would like the download and as soon as you press the Auto Download then the files will start downloading. 

9. Browse Contents

To see the content in the folder, hit the Browse Contents.

10. Browse Contents