Importing and Exporting Metadata Alongside Media Files in ioGates

Discover the process of importing media with XML files and exporting them to designated folders, streamlining metadata management in ioGates.

Seamless Metadata Integration with Media Files

ioGates streamlines the management of media files and their associated metadata by supporting the simultaneous import of media and XML files. This capability ensures that all relevant information is accurately parsed and integrated within the ioGates platform, enhancing the searchability and modification of metadata.

How to Import Media and XML Files

Simultaneous Uploads: You can also include XML files when uploading media files to ioGates. ioGates automatically parses the XML, integrating its content into the platform's Metadata section. This process allows users to easily access, search, and modify the metadata directly within ioGates.

Exporting Media and Metadata

  • Using the Distribute Menu: To export media files along with their metadata, navigate to the Distribute menu within ioGates. From here, you can select to push the original media file or a converted format to an external destination, such as an FTP server or a network folder.
  • Destination Folders for Media and XML: The export process is designed with flexibility in mind, providing two distinct destination folders — one for the media files and another for the XML files. This separation ensures that each file type is appropriately managed and accessible in its designated location.

Enhancing Workflow Efficiency

The ability to import and export media files with accompanying XML metadata significantly enhances workflow efficiency within ioGates. By automating the parsing and integration of metadata, ioGates ensures that all file-related information is centrally managed and easily accessible. Furthermore, the platform's export functionality offers a streamlined process for distributing both media and metadata to required destinations, supporting a seamless workflow from import to export.