Streamlining Dailies Distribution with Direct FTP Upload Library

In the fast-paced film and video production environment, efficiently managing dailies is critical. ioGates offers a seamless solution with its "FTP Upload" feature, enabling direct uploads to an ioGates Library folder via FTP(S).

How to Implement Direct FTP Upload for Dailies

  1. Local Processing of Raw Camera Files:

    Begin by processing your raw camera files locally and applying the correct Look-Up Table (LUT) to achieve the desired visual output.
  2. Setting Up FTP(S) Upload:

    Utilise your transcoder to perform the FTP(S) upload directly to a designated production folder within the ioGates Library. This approach bypasses the need for manual file transfers, significantly speeding up the distribution process.
  3. Automated Folder Creation:

    ioGates enhances organization by automatically creating a new folder named with the current date for each day's uploads. This feature keeps your dailies systematically organised and easily accessible.
  4. Notification and Instant Access:

    Once the dailies are uploaded, the production team is instantly notified via email. With just a click, they can view the new files, ensuring that everyone is up-to-date with the latest content.
  5. Uploading in ioGates Proxy Preview Format:

    Files can be uploaded in the ioGates proxy preview format for even greater efficiency. This method eliminates the need for ioGates to transcode your proxies, saving time and preserving the original quality of your dailies.

Additional Resources

  • Desktop App Upload: Learn how to further streamline your workflow by using the ioGates Desktop App for uploads.

  • ioGates Proxy Specifications: Detailed specifications are provided for those opting to upload in the ioGates proxy preview format to ensure compatibility and optimal quality.