Using Search Queries in The ioGates Library

ioGates supports searches based on various criteria, ensuring you can quickly and easily find the content you need.

Searchable Criteria

  1. Filename: Search by the exact filename or partial matches to locate specific files or groups of related files.
  2. Description: Utilize descriptions associated with files for searching. This is particularly useful for finding content based on broader context or details that may not be evident from the filename alone.
  3. Meta Data Tags: Leverage custom metadata tags attached to files for targeted searches. Metadata tags offer a flexible way to categorize and retrieve content based on attributes like project names, client identifiers, or content types.

How to Use the Search Function

  • Navigate to the top of the ioGates library where the search field is prominently displayed.
  • Enter your search query based on the desired criteria: filename, description, or metadata tags. The search engine is designed to return results that match your query, helping you quickly pinpoint the exact file or set of files you're looking for.