Combined Search Queries

Refine searches using multiple entries, such as production numbers and locations, ensuring precise and targeted file retrieval.

How to Perform Combined Searches

  1. Identifying Search Criteria:

    Determine the specific criteria you want to combine for your search. This could include production numbers, locations, dates, project names, or any relevant metadata tags associated with your files.
  2. Entering Search Queries:

    In the search field located at the top of the ioGates library, input your chosen criteria, separated by spaces or commas. For example, to find all files related to production number 92342 in London, you would enter: 92342 London.
  3. Reviewing Search Results:

    After initiating the search, ioGates will display all files matching the combined criteria. This streamlined approach allows you to quickly locate specific files within the context of broader project parameters.
  4. File Selection and Viewing:

    From the search results, select any file to open it directly in the ioGates player window. This feature is particularly useful for reviewing content without leaving the search interface.
  5. Using the Toggle for Efficient Navigation:

    Utilize the toggle feature to return to the search results after viewing a file in the player. This allows for easy comparison and selection among files without the need to conduct a new search for each file review.