Implementing Real-Time Subtitling Overlay

Incorporating real-time subtitles into video playback enhances accessibility and engagement for a global audience. ioGates simplifies this process, allowing users to overlay subtitles directly onto videos within the platform

Steps to Add Subtitles to Your Video

  1. Select Your Video: Navigate through your ioGates Library to find the source video file you wish to subtitle.

  2. Access Subtitling Options: Go to the “File info” menu for the selected video and click on the “Subtitling” sub-menu. This area is dedicated to managing your subtitle files.

  3. Upload SRT Files: Click within the subtitling window to upload your SRT subtitle file. It’s crucial that the timecodes in your SRT file align with those in the video source file for accurate subtitle synchronisation.

Managing Multiple Subtitles

  • Viewing and Selecting Subtitles: The attached SRT files are visible in the subtitling section, and within the video player window, you’ll find a subtitling icon. This icon lets viewers choose from available subtitle languages.

  • Adding More Languages: To include subtitles in additional languages, simply use the “+” icon to upload more SRT files. If you need to remove a subtitle file, the “-” icon allows for easy deletion.

  • Renaming Subtitles: For clarity or to better reflect the content of the subtitles, you can rename the uploaded SRT files. Click on the title window in the subtitling section to edit the name, which will be reflected in the Subtitling player window.

  • Language Selection: ioGates also provides a language menu for subtitles, facilitating auto-detection of the appropriate language based on the viewer’s browser settings.

Enhancing Video Accessibility

By enabling real-time subtitle overlays, ioGates users can significantly broaden their videos' appeal and accessibility. This feature not only caters to non-native speakers and the deaf or hard-of-hearing community but also enriches the viewing experience for audiences engaging with content in noisy environments or those who prefer reading along for clarity. With ioGates, managing and displaying subtitles across various languages is straightforward, ensuring your content is accessible and inclusive.