Dailies Tools: YoYotta, SCRATCH, Silverstack, and ARRI Online LUT Generator

The film industry benefits from various dailies tools, each offering unique features to streamline the post-production workflow.

  • YoYotta is a comprehensive solution for indexing, tracking, backup, transcoding, conforming, archiving, and restoring. It addresses every aspect of media asset management with precision and efficiency. Learn more at YoYotta.

  • SCRATCH stands out as a dailies and finishing platform celebrated for its unmatched speed, fluidity, and responsiveness. Favoured among artists and post-production professionals, SCRATCH delivers an incomparable user experience. Further details are available at AssimilateInc.

  • Silverstack suite, including XT and Lab, offers integrated media asset management for handling source media, looks, audio, and transcoded dailies on film sets. Silverstack Cloud enhances data transparency in film production by facilitating the online sharing and access of project metadata. Explore more at Pomfort.

  • The ARRI Online LUT Generator provides filmmakers with an essential tool for generating Look-Up Tables (LUTs), aiding in the accurate colour grading and visual consistency of film projects. Access the tool at ARRI.