The ioGates Auth Token API

Secure a long-lived token through the Auth Token API in ioGates for API operations, utilising Share URL for flexible authentication.

Acquiring an Authentication Token

The Auth Token API facilitates the acquisition of authentication tokens, essential for conducting secure operations within the ioGates environment. This token is crucial for accessing and managing files and folders through the API.

Authentication Methods

  • Username/Password: This method, set to be deprecated, currently allows users to access their own accounts and associated files using their ioGates credentials.
  • Share URL Authentication: Recommended for its flexibility, this method authenticates users via a Share URL, directing to a specific folder within ioGates. This method ensures adherence to permissions associated with the Share URL.

Request Details

  • URL: /api/authtoken
  • Method: POST
  • Parameters:
    • username: The user's username (to be deprecated).
    • password: The user's password (to be deprecated).
    • URL: Used with a Share URL for authentication; username and password should be nullified.
    • deviceId: A unique identifier for the API client installation, helping identify the client within ioGates.

Response Attributes

  • token: A long-lived token for subsequent API operations.
  • profile: Includes user profile details such as username, real name, account name, email, and account status.
  • max_file_size: The maximum file size allowed for uploads, where 0 indicates no limit.
  • available_storage: The remaining storage space on the account, in bytes.

  "token": "33c666119",
  "profile": {
    "username": "uploadappadmin",
    "realname": "Upload App",
    "accountname": "Upload App Account",
    "email": "",
    "address": null,
    "mobile": null,
    "expires": null,
    "status": "Active",
    "logo": ""
  max_file_size: 0,
  available_storage: 29301996265

Practical Use Cases

The Auth Token API is instrumental for developers integrating ioGates into their applications, offering a secure method to authenticate and perform file operations. Whether for uploading, downloading, or managing content, the authentication token ensures that API interactions are secure and user-specific.

By leveraging the Auth Token API, users and developers can ensure a seamless and secure experience when accessing and managing files within the ioGates platform, aligning with best practices in cloud service security and authentication.