Monitoring Email Delivery Status in ioGates

Check the email delivery status for ShareLinks in ioGates using a colour-coded system to indicate delivery success, pending delivery, or failure.

In ioGates, monitoring the status of emails sent for ShareLinks is straightforward, thanks to the intuitive design under the "User Options" menu located within the Sharing menu. This feature ensures that users can quickly ascertain the delivery status of their communications.

Status Indicators

🟢 Green: Indicates successful email delivery, confirming that everything is operating smoothly.
🟠 Orange: This signifies that the email is in the queue for delivery and is awaiting its turn to be sent.
🔴 Red: Represents a failure in email delivery, which is most commonly due to a typographical error in the email address provided.

Video Tutorial ShareLink

Email status_2

Detailed Email Status Information

By clicking on an email address listed under the ShareLinks delivery status, you can access the "User Options" for each recipient. This section provides detailed information about the email's delivery status. If you encounter any errors or issues that are difficult to understand or resolve, ioGates encourages reaching out for support:

Email status_1

Support Contact

If you encounter an error that you do not understand, please contact the above email address with the details and a screenshot.