Viewer and Owner Notification Configuration

Configure viewer and owner notifications for ShareLinks in ioGates, enabling control over comment notifications for more tailored communication management.

When sharing content via ioGates, the platform offers two distinct types of notification settings to enhance your control over the communication flow regarding comments made on shared links: Viewer Notifications and Owner Notifications.

These settings allow for a more customized sharing experience and ensure that notifications are received by the appropriate parties.

Viewer Notifications

This setting ensures that ShareLink recipients (viewers) receive email notifications when other members of the ShareLink group comment on the shared content.

Use Case: This is ideal for fostering interactive discussions among the viewers of a shared link, keeping all recipients informed about the ongoing conversation related to the shared content.

Owner Notifications

With this setting, the owner (the individual who sends the shared link) opts out of receiving email notifications about comments made on the ShareLink.

Use Case: This option is useful when the link owner prefers not to be inundated with email notifications from conversations among the ShareLink group. It is particularly beneficial in scenarios where the owner needs to share the content with a group but does not wish to participate in or monitor the ensuing discussions.