Enhancing File Management with Right-Click Functionality

ioGates has a right-click functionality within its library that enhances the user experience for managing files and folders.

  1. Intuitive File and Folder Management:

    Right-click on any file or folder in the ioGates library to access a context menu. This menu provides quick access to various actions such as copy, paste, and modifying folder options, making file management more efficient.
  2. Keyboard Shortcuts for File Operations:

    For users who prefer keyboard shortcuts, ioGates maps essential file operations to keys for even faster management:
    • Copy: The "c" key initiates the copy operation.
    • Paste: The "v" key performs the paste action.
    • Cut: The "x" cuts the file or folder but you can still paste it into any folder.  
    • These shortcuts complement the right-click menu, offering an alternative method for executing file operations.
  3. Enhanced Selection and Movement:

    The combination of right-click functionality with the "shift" key allows users to select multiple files effortlessly. This feature is invaluable for moving, copying, or deleting batches of files within the library, streamlining the organization process.

Library right click-min