Transferring Files from to ioGates

Moving files and folders from to ioGates has been streamlined through the use of the Transfer app and the ioGates Transfer App. This process ensures that your folder structure remains intact during the transfer.

Steps for Seamless Transfer

  1. Download the Necessary Apps:

    Begin by downloading both the Transfer app and the ioGates Transfer app. These applications facilitate the automatic transfer process. Transfer app
    ioGates Desktop App.

  2. Prepare Your ioGates Library:

    Create a new folder in the ioGates library to receive the transferred files and generate a share link for this folder. Ensure you set the share permissions to allow upload user rights before copying the share link.

  3. Configure the React Desktop App:

    • Paste the copied share link into the ioGates Transfer App.


    • Access the share settings by clicking the three dots in the app's top right corner. Here, you can select the folder to which the Transfer App will download files, aligning it with the Transfer App’s upload directory.

  4. Initiate Transfer from

    • Log into your account through the app. Browse your library to select the files or folders you wish to transfer.
    • When prompted, choose the download location to align with the upload folder specified in the ioGates Transfer App. This step bridges the transfer, ensuring files move from directly into your designated ioGates React folder.
  5. Automatic Upload to ioGates React:

    Once the Transfer app downloads files to the specified folder, the ioGates Transfer App automatically begins uploading them to your ioGates library. This process should commence within a minute of the download completion.


Achieving Efficient File Management

This method provides a straightforward and efficient way to transfer your valuable content from to ioGates, maintaining your organizational structure and streamlining post-production workflows. By automating the transfer process, you save time and ensure a consistent, organized approach to managing your digital assets across platforms.