Enhanced Monitoring with Share Statistics

Track engagement with Share Statistics in ioGates, offering insights into file views, unique previews across devices, downloads of converted files, master files, and stills, ensuring comprehensive monitoring of your shared content.

The Share Statistics feature in ioGates allows you to monitor engagement by showing whether your recipients have viewed your shared files. This tool provides detailed insights, including:

  • Viewed Previews: Tracks which files have been previewed.
  • Unique Previews: Identifies the number of different devices that have accessed your files, offering a glimpse into the reach of your shared content.
  • Downloads: Records downloads of all converted files as well as the original master files, giving you a comprehensive overview of file distribution.
  • Still Images and Other Files: Monitors the access and download of still images and other file types shared through your account.

This feature enables you to understand how your shared content is being interacted with, providing valuable feedback on viewer engagement and content reach.