Upload From a Share Link

Enable direct file uploads through a ShareLink in ioGates, ensuring users can add files to a specified folder, enhancing collaboration and content sharing.

ioGates simplifies the process of receiving files by using ShareLinks. Any ShareLinks can also be used to upload files directly into the shared folder. See also how to use the Transfer App to create automated upload and download workflows.

How to Set Up Direct Uploads via a ShareLink

Creating or Sharing a Link for Upload:

Initiate by creating the folder where files will be uploaded. For example, you might create an "Upload From Editorial" folder intended for upload approvals from the editor or could also be from a user in the field that uploads from a cell phone.

Enabling Direct Uploads

While sharing, ensure to activate the 'Allow Direct Upload' option before sending out the ShareLink. This action modifies the shared folder's settings to accept incoming files from those who have access to the link. You can at any time modify any ShareLink after it has been sent out from the Existing Shares under the main Share menu.

Using the Upload Button on the ShareLink:

Recipients of the ShareLink will notice an upload button indicating that they can now contribute files directly to the shared folder.

Uploading Files:

Contributors can simply drag and drop their files into the upload window, making the process of adding content to the shared folder seamless and efficient. You can upload folders with subfolders, and the folder structure will be replicated in the ioGates Library. 

Notifications for New Uploads

If the folder has previously been shared, other users will automatically receive a notification email whenever new files are uploaded. This feature keeps all involved parties updated in real-time, ensuring that everyone has access to the latest content.