How to use AVID and ioGates together

AVID and ioGates work brilliantly together! Create automated media workflows with the Desktop App and save time. We've outlined three different scenarios below to help you maximise the integration between these two systems.

Create Dynamic and Automated Media Workflows

Avid boasts a handy feature known as ‘Dynamic Media Folders’, which manages your media using watch folders to identify specific files and allocate them to your workflow. By integrating ‘Dynamic Media Folders’ with the ioGates Desktop App, you can establish dynamic and automated workflows that push files to predefined destinations.

All that's required is linking a folder in the ioGates Cloud Library to an Avid ‘Dynamic Media Folder’.

Avid Imports and Exports
Workflow No. 1
  1. Files added to your designated production folder in the ioGates Cloud Library will be automatically transferred and ingested into your Avid workstation.

  2. Creating links to your ioGates production folder allows clients and partners to contribute new files, which become readily available for the editor.

  3. In the Cloud Library, as part of your automated workflow, ioGates can transcode any uploaded file into an Avid DNxHD file. This is particularly useful if, for instance, files from a mobile phone need converting into a professional format suitable for editing.

  4. Exporting a sequence from Avid to a dedicated Desktop App folder in ioGates can be shared with your clients. An automatic notification email will inform them of new material ready for review.

TV Stations (Broadcast Workflows)
Workflow No. 2
  1. Reporters can export the ioGates Desktop App directly from a local laptop to Avid. The Desktop App uploads rendered files to the ioGates account and notify the editor back home that new files are ready for viewing and editing.

  2. ioGates seamlessly integrates into any TV station’s workflow, managing uploaded files in the Cloud Library so they are forwarded to the TV station’s own MAM (Media Asset Management).

  3. ioGates can also transcode incoming material into a preferred “in-house format” and issue notification emails and posts to the ‘Team & Slack’ channel when new files are ready.

Feature Film Workflow
Workflow No. 3
  1. Upload your feature film’s dailies and camera raw files to your ioGates library. The Desktop App triggers the transcode of camera raw files to DNxHD in ioGates and pushes the DNxHD files to your Avid edit station.

  2. Links to uploaded dailies are emailed to the production crew and producers for instant viewing.

Seamless Integration for Efficient Workflows

The synergy between AVID and ioGates offers an unparalleled solution for streamlining post-production processes. Whether for broadcast workflows, feature film projects, or managing a range of media files, this integration simplifies and accelerates the workflow, ensuring efficiency and flexibility.

To truly appreciate how this powerful combination can transform your media management and editing processes, we encourage you to experience it firsthand. We're delighted to offer a free trial of ioGates, allowing you to explore these workflows and see the benefits for yourself.

ioGates offers a robust free version, so you can test drive the software for as long as you need to feel comfortable it's the right solution for you.