In this interview, Simon Lytting, Technical Manager at Zentropa Postproduction, discusses ioGates and their latest collaboration with Lars Von Trier on “RIGET EXODUS.”

Why We Switched to ioGates

"We discovered ioGates at a crucial time. A former colleague, familiar with ioGates from another production company, recommended it to us. Our previous system was unreliable, and we were enhancing our security measures:

ioGates has proven reliable.

  1. It offers robust security.

  2. It's user-friendly.

  3. Jesper and Tobias consistently provide excellent support.

So, we made the switch to ioGates. Furthermore, our former tool was limited to Mac users and necessitated a paid app. With ioGates, compatibility extends across PC and Mac, accessible on various devices."

the platform's functionality for dailies aligns perfectly with our needs

Utilising ioGates at Zentropa Postproduction

"We exclusively use ioGates for Dailies, primarily operated by the DIT.

Ease of use was a critical requirement, considering we onboard roughly four new DITs annually in postproduction. A simple, intuitive system was essential to avoid a steep learning curve.

While we don’t utilise the full range of ioGates features, the platform's functionality for dailies aligns perfectly with our needs.

We particularly appreciate the two-factor authentication security feature. Given the increasing prevalence of ransomware, we prioritised enhancing our system's security. With ioGates, we've found a solution that complements our workflow, offers ease of use, and meets our security management needs as of 2021.

Danish productions typically don’t garner global attention – except when associated with Lars Von Trier."

Riget Exodus Slate 1, Take 1

"We are currently editing ‘RIGET EXODUS’, the final season of the iconic series set at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, exploring themes of good and evil.

This concluding series will feature Nicolai Lee Kaas, reconnecting with Lars Von Trier for the first time since their 1998 project “IDIOTERNE”, as well as Lars Mikkelsen, known internationally for roles in “HOUSE OF CARDS”, “DEVILS”, and “THE WITCHER”.

Given the buzz surrounding Lars Von Trier’s productions, the aspect of security is of utmost importance to us."