We're thrilled to announce our new drag-and-drop feature, a significant enhancement that will forever change how you use ioGates.

We hope you'll find this new development a tremendous help in your daily work. Since ioGates' inception, we've aimed to enable this functionality. However, ensuring it could be done securely has always been paramount because we understand how much security matters to you.


The New ioGates Uploader

Introducing our new uploader – although it feels more like we've completely redefined the concept of uploading. You can directly drag files from your local desktop into any ioGates library folder. It copies in with subfolders and files, as you're accustomed to on your local computer.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

This enhancement means moving vast amounts of data to the ioGates library with a single drag and drop. We've made the new uploader more robust to handle this power, including a resume feature. If your connection drops unexpectedly, your upload will resume from where it stopped, saving you from having to start over.

Where Can You Use Drag and Drop?

There are three areas in the ioGates interface for drag-and-drop:

Into the Library

When you drag files over the ioGates library, the folder you hover over will darken. Releasing your files here starts the upload, with progress visible in the top right corner.

Above the Menu Bar

Select a folder in the ioGates library and drag your files above the menu bar. Many find this the easiest method.

Under the Menu Bar

Finally, dragging files to the area under the menu bar sends them directly to the classic “inbox”.

We hope you enjoy these new features. In terms of evolution, this one is quite revolutionary!

All the Ways to Enhance Input/Output Workflows

With these additions, ioGates now offers nine input/output workflows:

  1. Drag and drop to any library folder.

  2. Direct FTPS uploads to any library folder.

  3. Automatic upload and download with the ioGates Desktop app.

  4. Upload on all ioGates ShareLinks.

  5. Cell phone upload from ShareLinks.

  6. Upload app for Android and iOS cell phones.

  7. AWS S3 upload and download.

  8. Public upload point.

  9. Massive.io accelerated upload.

Can I try ioGates before committing to a subscription?

Yes, ioGates offers a robust free version, so you can test drive the software for as long as you need to feel comfortable it's the right solution for you.