A Leap Forward in Secure File-Sharing for Media Professionals

Our ultra-secure file-sharing service, specifically designed for media professionals, has evolved to encompass innovative ShareLink automation and advanced metadata management capabilities.

ShareLinks: A Game-Changer in Content Sharing

The enhancements allow users to define multiple sharing rules within a single ioGates ShareLink. Coupled with new metadata extraction features, freshly shot content is indexed for easy retrieval. This is particularly beneficial for DITs, production staff, and editors who frequently need to locate specific material such as "slates," "scenes," and "takes".

Combining Multiple Instructions in One ioGates ShareLink

The newly launched ioGates desktop app streamlines secure uploads and downloads across mobile devices, workstations, and servers. This ultra-secure gateway simplifies the sharing of ioGates "ShareLinks" with external collaborators – no account required – and empowers users to create complex sharing rules within each link. This facilitates automated file movements and processing tasks, making the workflow more efficient.

Tobias Steinmann, co-founder and CTO of ioGates explains, "Our customers, as well as their clients and partners, need bidirectional sharing capabilities. The new functionalities in ioGates 'ShareLink' allow deep control over content sharing. Users can automate tasks such as transcoding original camera negative (OCN) content for download into a non-linear editing (NLE) application. They can also monitor NLE export activity for specific content folders and configure sharing settings for individuals or entire teams."

Enhanced User Flexibility and Simplicity

The ShareLink bridges the ioGates library hosted in the cloud and a local folder, allowing users to select specific folders for uploading or downloading. Tobias adds, "Unlike other vendors who typically use a transfer app requiring account credentials for login, our approach is simpler and more user-friendly, especially for recipients who aren’t system users."

Use Dailies Metadata to Locate Shots Faster

The ioGates metadata extraction capability is a significant time-saver. It indexes file names, enabling users to search metadata swiftly to pinpoint specific clips. "In production settings, it's common to need quick access to particular takes," says Tobias. "ioGates' metadata extraction feature simplifies this process, especially useful for smaller production crews who might lack a script reporter to track such details."

A Tailored Feature for Efficient Production Workflows

At the request of ioGates customers, a new feature has been added to the dailies ShareLinks, allowing production crews to swiftly organise clips based on details like camera angles, audio recorders, actors, scenes, slates, and takes. Standard DIT applications like Silverstack from Pomfort.com can export metadata in the filename, which ioGates can import, streamlining the search process for the desired metadata.


Integrating ioGates ShareLink automation and the desktop app significantly advances media workflow efficiency. This service simplifies the complexities of file sharing and metadata management, providing an intuitive solution for media professionals. Experience these enhancements firsthand and discover your projects' potential for streamlined workflows. 

ioGates offers a robust free version, so you can test drive the software for as long as you need to feel comfortable it's the right solution for you.